Who we are

     Josh Binkley
I grew up in Pennsylvania along the banks of its many wild trout waters. My home water will always be the Little Juniata River in central PA. Species of choice to for for are trout, but I will always love chasing Smallmouth Bass and toothy critters almost as much. I am currently living in Rexburg, Idaho working on a bachelors in Financial Economics. I am ADDICTED to fishing with streamers. They seem to always produce and the takes are epic, plus it keeps me from having to nymph (which I find extremely boring).

 Zachery Porter

I grew up on a ranch in Middleton, Idaho. I was lucky to have the Boise River run right along the ranch property. It provided plenty of opportunities to catch trout, bass, panfish, and carp. While attending school in Eastern Idaho Josh got me started with streamer fishing. Now I have a hard time fishing with anything else. I love the way fish smack streamers! Outside of streamer fishing I love spending time with my wife and little boy. I also work for development company called Tradition Custom Homes in my hometown of Middleton, Idaho.  

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